Philosophy Podcasts - RSS feeds

Below are RSS feeds for various philosophy podcasts. Please note that by default, the Chrome browser doesn't render rss feeds properly, although it can be configured to do so. MS edge also doesn't display RSS feeds properly.

If you prefer to consolidate your feeds, rather than viewing one at a time, a website such as the "The Old Reader" can help. I like two features of the Old Reader: It provides a fairly generous limit of a 100 feeds for free, and it is well-suited for audio in that it usually renders mp3s in a direct play format (which most other rss consolidators don't do).

  1. African and Indian philosophy (Website)
  2. Peter Adamson (of "Philosophy Without Any Gaps") teams up with Jonardon Ganeri and Chike Jeffers to discuss the philosophical traditions of India, Africa and the African diaspora.

  3. Algocracy and the Transhumanist Project (Website)
  4. This podcast and site examines "the governance structures we are creating through technology, the values that are supported and/or undermined by those structures, and the role of humans within those structures. Since those structures are typically reliant on algorithmic processes, it seems appropriate to label them 'algocractic' (following Aneesh 2006 & 2009)"

  5. Always Already (Website)
  6. PA podcast about critical theory, political theory, social theory, and philosophy, which comes to you in a discussion (with occasional interviews) format. The discussants are faculty and graduate students in the social sciences.

  7. Aristotelian Society (Website)
  8. The Aristotelian Society, founded in 1880, meets fortnightly in London to hear and discuss talks given by leading philosophers from a broad range of philosophical traditions. The papers read at the Society’s meetings are published in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.

  9. Drunken philosophy (Website)
  10. 'Dan has a degree in Philosophy. Connor has a degree in High School. Together they have a bit of a drinking problem. Each week they explore the work of a new philosopher or a new philosophical idea and do their best to learn something before getting distracted.'

  11. Elucidations (U Chicago) (Website)
  12. Elucidations is a monthly philosophy podcast recorded at the University of Chicago. Each month, Matt Teichman sits down with a prominent philosopher to talk about their latest work and areas of philosophical expertise.

  13. Embodied Philosophy (Website)
  14. This is the podcast of the Embodied Philosophy website, which focuses on Yoga and other wisdom traditions of the East.

  15. Entitled opinions (Website)
  16. Robert Harrison presents this podcast that features interviews with leading thinkers in literature, philosophy, science, and cultural history.

  17. Esotericism (Website)
  18. Earl Fontainelle presents (and occasionally discusses with guests) cutting-edge academic research in the study of Platonism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, the Kabbalah, alchemy, occultism, magic, and related currents of thought.

  19. The Forum (Website)
  20. From the European Institute of the London School of Economics comes this series of podcasts based on their public events

  21. HiPhi Nation (Website)
  22. Hi-Phi Nation is the first sound and story-driven show about philosophy, weaving philosophy with narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and sound design. The show is written, edited, and produced by Barry Lam. Barry is an alum of UC Irvine and former program director and general manager at KUCI 88.9FM. A PhD in philosophy at Princeton University, Barry is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College

  23. Modernist (Website)
  24. The Modernist Podcast is a monthly discussion hosted by Sean Richardson on art , literature and culture in the early twentieth century.

  25. New Books in Philosophy (Website)
  26. Part of the new books network, this podcast features interviews generally conducted by Carrie Figdor or Robert Talisse of authors of recent books in philosophy.

  27. Panpsycast (Website)
  28. A weekly 'informal and informative' philosophy podcast inspiring and supporting students, teachers, academics and free-thinkers worldwide. All episodes are available at

  29. Partially Examined Life (Website)
  30. An 'informal roundtable discussion', with each episode loosely focused on a short reading that introduces at least one "big" philosophical question, concern or idea. The discussants are Dylan Casey, Mark Lisenmayer, Seth Paskin and Wes Alwan.

  31. Philosopher's Zone (Website)
  32. A podcast emerging from a radio show broadcast by ABC radio national in Australia, this is a 25 min guide to logic, metaphysics and ethics led by David Rutledge.

  33. Philosophize this (Website)
  34. A periodic offering from Stephen West covering many topics in philosophy.

  35. Philosophy Bites (Website)
  36. David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton present this now quite famous podcast, generally featuring interviews of top philosophers.

  37. Philosophy for Our Times (Website)
  38. Podcast series from the Institute of Art and Ideas (often in panel discussion/debate format)

  39. Philosophy Now (Website)
  40. Podcast of the 'Philosophy Now' magazine, which doesn't seem to be producing new episodes.

  41. Philosophy247 (Website)
  42. David Edmonds provides us with another podcast; this one focusing primarily on moral and political issues.

  43. Philosophy Without Any Gaps(Website)
  44. Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps." The series looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of the major philosophers as well as the lesser-known figures of the tradition.

  45. Rationally Speaking (Website)
  46. Rationally Speaking is the bi-weekly podcast of New York City Skeptics. Host Julia Galef explores the borderlands between reason and nonsense, likely and unlikely, and science and pseudoscience.

  47. RSA events (Website)
  48. Podcast of events at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts in London.

  49. Team Human (Website)
  50. Douglas Rushkoff studies human autonomy in a digital age. He a research fellow of the Institute for the Future, and founder of the Laboratory for Digital Humanism at CUNY/Queens, where he is a Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics.

  51. The Public Philosopher (Website)
  52. With the help of a live audience, Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel comes to St Paul's Cathedral to take on some of the hardest questions raised by the public discontent that characterises much of global politics today.

  53. Very Bad Wizards (Website)
  54. Very Bad Wizards is a collaboration between Tamler Sommers, a philosopher at the University of Houston, and David Pizarro, a psychologist at Cornell University.

  55. Wes Cecil (Website)
  56. Podcast from Wes Cecil who lives and teaches in Port Townsend Washington.

  57. Zero books (Website)
  58. Podcast series from Zero Books