Awesome Books and Audio

Book selections from the Guardian and downloadable author interviews

Recently, the Guardian newspaper highlighted some thought-provoking books written by several authors, which covered a variety of disciplines. According to the Guardian "These are febrile, unpredictable times, with society facing new challenges and quandaries each day, from the rise of populist politics to the migrant crisis to climate change..., people have a hunger both for information and facts, and for nuanced exploration of issues, of a sort that books are in a prime position to provide."

Nearly all of these have been big best-sellers, and the authors have been featured on various podcasts. These podcasts, which consist of interviews, lectures and discussions, make for stimulating audio listening (I find that sometimes it is not always possible to read as much as one wants, but in audio, particularly when an author speaks directly, the essence of many books can be conveniently appreciated). Accordingly, I pulled a selection from the Guardian's article and provided links to the books and related audio content below (the audio content, typically accessible in the first bullet in each of the items of the list provided, should be readily downloadable; if not, please email me). For some of the podcasts, I have provided RSS feeds.